When I was thinking about starting a blog, I thought that it would be fun to include others on the whole process – to see how the idea of trip starts, how I start planning the itinerary, what I might be packing, and then seeing my stories or impressions when I return.  I hope that people will give me feedback about what places they’ve been to and what they think should be included on my trip as I plan.  I really am envisioning this as an interactive site.

For instance, right now I’m still on the hunt for the perfect winter boot for my next snowy jaunt in Canada.  Share your favorite boots with me as a reply on my Montreal page!   And on the opposite spectrum, I fell in love with the Caribbean.  Lend me your island expertise especially in St. Maarten or the Virgin Islands.

Staying closer to home or taking a roadtrip – what would be an absolute must on your playlist?

It was hard to decide where to go this year.  I marked out a couple weeks in my calendar but a lot crossed my mind as I considered a solo trip to Paris.

Though this is mainly my travel page, sometimes I share my random thoughts or even a poem.  If you have a minute, please check out my other writing.

Thanks to all who take the time to peruse my thoughts and pictures!


~Ro M.