Mile Markers

Sitting in the back of cars, whizzing down the highway as much as I have, I’ve definitely learned to look for the mile markers on the side of the road.  My dad didn’t like to fly so we drove here, there, and everywhere and I learned to pass the time watching the scenery outside the window or navigating on the huge Rand McNally map.  To this day, I still recognize mile 39 on I-94 as the exit to my hometown in Michigan.  I moved away when I was young but still am excited to pass it even though most of the time I am on the way to somewhere else.

What about in your life?  There are the standards – birthdays, Jan 1st, annual family gatherings that mark the passing of time from year to year.  Some point that makes you shocked about how much or how quickly time has passed.  Sometimes, there are more personal markers.  Today, I looked down at my dress and thought, “Wow, I’ve had this for almost two years already.”  I knew that because I had wanted something nice to wear while touring in 90-degree heat around the Mediterranean Riviera and had ended up with the summery but modest white dress I have today.  That trip had started in humid, tourist filled Barcelona.  I return to Spain later this summer, two years later to the month.  This time to explore Madrid and points north in the country.  I’m within 60 days of my trip so it’s time to book train tickets! Hotels and flights are already booked so now the countdown really begins.

As a halfway oasis, I have Pitchfork Festival to look forward to.  It’s a month from now. For me, it’s not summer without an outdoor concert.  Apart from working on my Spanish, I’m listening to PJ Harvey and Parliament Funkadelic.  Didn’t think any one person listened to those two bands, right?  I’m a hard one to pin down.  I’m also not one to usually organize but in my excitement for the trip I’ve managed to take steps to get ready.

Here have been my mile markers as I race towards Spain!

4 months Looking and organizing my pins in my travel board on pinterest Looking at my calendar to pick best time to go
3 months Checking rates Booking flights & hotels
2 months Booking train tix Working on Spanish
1 month Shopping for more summer wear – it’s going to be hot! Still working on my español – I don’t want to be a typical American tourist
Time to Fly! Exploring and walking Taking pictures and eating jamon

How do you prepare for trips? 🙂



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