Thinking about France

I’ve recently started to feel that I must visit France and in particular Paris.  The recent election and the general European alert from the U.S. State Department is worrisome.  Between work and my limited spending power, a week is about the most that I can handle.  Then comes the juggle.  How much time to spend in Paris and how much time to see more and where?  My heart tells me that after a few days in the city I should branch off to Mediterranean Coast for some laid back time in a small sea town and then end in Nice.  Really, those places are where I want to go most.  Two cities recently targeted by terrorist attacks.  All the while, planning to do this trip on my own.  Am I possibly crazy?

I am at least relieved to see that France did not follow its fear and vote in Marine Le Pen, but I am waiting to see the reaction of the country in the days that follow and while I will continue to plan my trip and get more into the details I will hold off on booking any flights or hotel for the time being.  I hope the country will accept the new President Macron and move on with their day-to-day routines.  Let us see.

Well then back to the alert from the U.S. State Department.  Let us hope the country is secure.  Macron intends to step up measures to increase safety .  I try to reassure myself that since Paris and Nice have already been victims that they are vigilant and also prepared should anything happen.

Are you curious if I booked the trip or not?  Read on…


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