One Time is Never Enough

Almost every time I visit a new place, I come home and think, “I can’t wait to go back!” I want to return and visit the sites and restaurants I didn’t have time to see.  I want to experience the city in a different time of the year.  I almost feel I have the spirit of an impressionistic artist who wants to paint a scene in every different light except my canvas is my camera and the changing views of the city in winter and summer.

However, then I would want to include a nearby city in my next visit to explore the rest of that country or region and expand my knowledge of the area until I could almost feel like a native.  I’m sure as I get older I will say, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been there. I wonder how it’s changed.”  It’s never ending.  I am boundlessly curious and as I learn more I yearn to know more.  Like most people I don’t have millions of dollars to spend on a multitude of trips so there may be many places I’ll never see and some places I won’t have the luxury to see again, but in the meantime I will research and plan…perchance to dream…what dreams may come.


Image is courtesy of Soring on Flickr

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  1. ItsBond007 says:

    That’s so true!

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