Chicago Food Fun


The building was designed by Daniel Burnham in 1906 and recently restored.  Those of us working in the loop were waiting anxiously for this to open.  It has everything.  If you can’t find something here to nosh on, you sadly either have a very restrictive diet or just don’t like food.  Choices cover pizza, sandwiches, salads, bbq, ramen, and even gelato.  On my recent visit, I had a grilled cheese from The Fat Shallot.  (They also have a food truck so if you see it around, try it!)  If you want French Onion Soup but feel like eating a sandwich, try this grilled cheese.  It has grilled onions and munster on sourdough with a little spinach to make you feel not too guilty.  Sit by the window people watch to your hearts delight, and if you sit on the Adams Street side, you can admire Alexander Calder’s Flamingo in Federal Plaza.

Fat Shallot

CITY WINERY on the riverwalk

I’m not sure what took the city so long, but they finally started to build up this unused space along the lower part of Wacker Drive.  Enjoy a snack or meal at City Winery or just grab a wine to go and sit along the steps and watch architectural tour boats, leisure boats, and kayakers float by.  Or, if you’re in a boat dock along side and come on up for some vino!


The city hosts free concerts in the park throughout the summer.  Check out the schedule here.  There are plenty of places to pick up food, but my recommendation would be Pastoral (53 E. Lake).  If you want to splurge, they have set picnic packages or you can order a sandwich and select your own bottle of wine.  They’ll open it and provide cups.  Then, settle in on the grass underneath the futuristic arms of Frank Gehry’s creation and survey the skyline surrounding the park.


Tucked away on a stretch of beach in between Lakeshore Drive and Navy Pier is Caffe Oliva.  You can rent a cabana for your group or just make reservations because it will fill up quickly.  Enjoy a beach day and sip on a cool drink before returning to the hustle and bustle of the city.


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